Medical Tourism

Medical tourism has opened the door of opportunities as well as possibilities for the patients around the world to avail top class medical treatment, IVF and other fertility treatment according to their choice and budget. India is one of the favorite destinations in the world today for number of reasons. These reasons include:

Reproductive tourism and key features

Fertility tourism is widely popular as reproductive tourism. It precisely means traveling from one place to another or from one country to another for the purpose of fertility treatment. Eventually, it is a proven fact that IVF Clinics in India has comprehensively made its mark at the international circuit and enjoy an impressive rate of success which is in equivalent with the results of the best infertility centre across the world.

The Nurture Clinic in Delhi, India is led by one of the most prestigious IVF consultant and specialist Dr Archana Dhawan Bajaj is the best in the country from all prospective. From state of the art facility to high-end and the most advance technology as well as delivering the high success rate all under one roof. It is one choice destination for medical tourism in India.