Embryo Freezing

Embryo freezing has sprouted up great opportunity for those who want to delay their pregnancy or preserve their fertility for future with the help of embryo transfer. People call it embryo freezing but more precisely it is an embryo cryopreservation as the eventual objective is to store the embryo cryogenically and to preserve its viability for subsequent or ensuing pregnancy.

During the IVF or ICSI procedure, several time couples have number of unused embryo after their first cycle. Some couples prefer to freeze them for the purpose of using them in the later treatment cycle whereas some others donate it for the cause and for the research and training purpose. Often people are apprehensive regarding the efficiency of embryo in later use, however the fact is that the chance of conceiving with a thawed frozen embryo are as bright as with any fresh one. Moreover, the length of time the embryos have been stored does affect its viability as well.

Process of Embryo Freezing

The freezing method is known as Vitrification or Cryopreservation. Though the process of cryopreservation is relatively new, however with the advancement in technology and various medical techniques, it has become an effective and formidable way to preserve one’s fertility. In this method the eggs, sperm or embryos are stored at -196 degree in liquid nitrogen to sustain its viability for an extensive duration of time. The process manipulates higher concentration of cryoprotectants and precipitately faster cooling rates than tradition cooling rates.

Embryos can be frozen at any stage from one cell to the Blastocyst stage. However, freezing them at Blastocyst stage help the embryologist to select the most viable embryos and also curtail the waste of freezing of excessive number of embryos.

Embryo freezing can be utilized under the following condition:

  • For using embryos in future IVF or ICSI cycles

  • The cancer patient can use their embryo to conceive after their treatment

  • In case fresh embryo transfer does work, you can use preserved embryos

  • In case of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

The decision of freezing extra embryos saves your time as well as money and most significantly it saves you from undergoing physical and emotional stress and agony of doing the whole IVF cycle from the beginning.

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